Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 7, A day that will live in Infamy - Pearl Harbor, 1941 - or Copenhagen, 2009?

B. Hussein Obama is gearing up to sell out America. The "Climate Change" shindig in Copenhagen, Denmark, is set to open on a day that is remembered in America. The unprovoked attack, a part of naked, international aggression on the part of Imperial Japan, attacked what were considered the most important components of the US Navy's fleet in the Pacific Ocean - the battleships and cruisers anchored, at peace, in the harbor at Pearl Harbor. All battleships present were sunk, the USS Arizona remains today as a memorial to the thousands of Navy people killed.

President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed December 7, 1941, "A day that will live in infamy."

B. Hussein, acting in his office as defined by the Constitution of the United States, a document, a concept, an institution he swore to serve and defend, is widely expected to sign the proposed treaty offered at Copenhagen. The proposed treaty would institute an international authority to tax and penalize America for "Climate Debt" - redistribute the wealth of America to countries that want more money - and the Cap and Tax plan that failed in Congress.

Evidently, Obama's oath of office means less to him, aside from what it buys him, than his campaign promises. I have to wonder whether there has been any turnover in the Secret Service. Secret Service agents serve in a Constitutionally defined office, filling a vital role in defense of the United States and the Constitution. So how must it feel, to be tasked to defend a President that cares what is in the Constitution only so he can disable it?

The premise of Copenhagen is the observation that the climate has been disturbed in recent decades. Funny, that seemed to have been the predictions about chopping down the Amazon rain forest, and it happened. But the people in the affected region don't have much money (that goes to the well-lawyered rich in Sao Paulo and Rio), so the "green" community focused on CO2 and methane as being to blame. So, following the money - and easier targets than poor farmers - the attack is on America, and on fossil fuels. I mean, the greeners can't make any money without working, mining coal or delivering fuels, so they fund-raise to play politics.

You know about politics, right? You "discover" a problem, you invent an enemy, and entice people to let you lead the opposition.

The Peak Oil argument, that the remaining, unmined and unpumped coal and oil can never be produced again at the rate the world is hungry to consume them, is more compelling, and easy to observe in operation. The prediction that the tailing off of availability vs. demand will be erratic, with fits and starts, has been borne out. Last year's $150 oil triggered a world-wide recession - which choked off demand back to a level at or below the world's ability to produce oil and coal. Prices are easing up again, as the world resumes an economic recovery - and demands more energy. Each excursion of prices and demand is expected to ratchet, gradually, higher and higher. One expectation is that by 2012 (yes, that year again), the average American family will be unable to afford their utility bill.

So what does this mean to our precious Kenyan, B. Hussein Obama? Hey, don't blame me for being skeptical about Obama's birth - Kenya believes he is their native son, now ruling over America. One nation or the other has been deceived. And I like the way Obama is "black", but is son of a white woman. Curious, that.

Back to energy. What Cap and Tax (some call it Cap and Trade) does is to tax the life out of American industry, utilities, and citizens. That money, the part that doesn't stick to pockets for Obama supporters and labor unions, goes to reward other countries, with other sticky pockets, for not being America. Those other countries receive a free pass to burn oil and coal, since they were too poor to afford it before.

Cap and Tax, the heart of what Climate Change scam artists want to do in Copenhagen, is nothing less than a corruption magnet, creating untold opportunities for graft around the world. It also intends to destroy the economy of the industries and nations that provide actual jobs, and pay checks, to much of the working world.

If we cannot keep B. Hussein Obama and his representatives home for the Copenhagen conference, our only hope to avoid the policy laundering, Chicago thug style, is to hope the US Senate refuses to ratify the treaty.

Seems like slim hope left for America. December 7, once again. I wonder if this one will claim more lives, and ruin more nations?