Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Boston Maraton bombing -- thug

I wrote Dr. Senator Coburn,

Dr. Coburn,

About the bomber from the Boston Marathon.

I would like to stop putting petty thugs like this in the news. And to put the crime in perspective.

I would like the US Government, at all levels, to stop grandstanding, to justify suppression of civil rights of communities, and to stop justifying massive budgets.

I would prefer to have the City of Boston file charges against the bomber for -- malicious mischief and manslaughter. These charges should be simple to prosecute, and adequately deal with what happened.

I do *not* consider the injuries and deaths to be insignificant, but I also do not see the bombs as part of an orchestrated effort to influence a nation or state. No social change, or conquest, is involved.

History has shown, clearly, that making the headlines, prosecuting the horrendous charges, getting the horrendous sentences, only rewards the miscreant, enlarges the Federal presence, and encourages copycats. It is time to rein in Federal intrusion into the antics of minor, local thugs.

Please request that the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, etc. all recommend that the City of Boston file charges of manslaughter and malicious mischief against the bomber, and all Federal offices, agencies, etc. withdraw from the case.

Let's try something cheaper. It might even be more effective. And let those harmed by the kid's actions sue the parents and religious teachers that taught him bombs and intolerance are OK.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Senator lies about black powder use

Senator Lautenberg, trying to jump on the PR bandwagon pulling the crime at the Boston Marathon into a media and politician's event, proposes background checks for black powder.

I wrote Senator Coburn.

Dr. Coburn,

Please oppose Senator Lautenberg's proposal for background checks for black powder and black powder substitute powders. His misuse of the terms "explosive", while possibly appropriate, conceals the fact that literally tons of black powder and black powder substitutes are consumed in America annually, and during season, at times monthly, during re-enactments and other recreational uses of black powder for recreational shooting.

I am shocked that his background checks don't include purchases of nitrate fertilizers and diesel fuels, and please don't suggest that to him. My point is that misuse of explosives and firearms is primarily suppressed by healthy communities, healthy economies, and vigorous social institutions -- and only exacerbated, as history demonstrates, by government regulations.

The good Senator's PR release on his proposal is at

Again, if the Second Amendment is to have virtue, then the government *cannot* know who might or might not own or use a weapon. Background checks create a trail that is used today, and has been used since using them was illegal when first instituted. Any claim that background checks or registrations of guns or ammunition, including powders to reload ammunition, is a breach of faith with the American people.

Thank you,

Brad Kruse
Ponca City, OK

Friday, April 19, 2013

Another immigration bill

The presence of millions of people living in America, working jobs and paying bills, without the benefit of citizenship and protection of the law they are funding, is an affront to all Americans.

Because the government failed to protect the security of our borders is no reason to hound those living in America -- citizen or not.  My community isn't responsible for the border; the government isn't responsible for who lives and works in my community.

I wrote Senator Coburn,
Dr. Coburn,

Please support extending citizenship to people that have lived in the US as law-abiding people, regardless of whether they crossed the border against the law.

Please do deny legal protection to anyone [citizen or not] involved in orchestrating illegal border crossings; predators like that need to be pursued relentlessly, until the ends of time. Exile and deportation should be the first and most prompt response.

Please rescind penalties on employers and property owners for hiring or renting to people living in their community. Let us return to assuming our neighbors are Americans when they act as if they want to live and let live.

The security of the borders of the United States are the proper concern of the US Government. Policing our communities for failures to protect our borders is not. Those in our communities, until and unless they violate the law, are the proper concern of civil authorities.

Please accept any state or community recognition of residence in their state or community as prima facie evidence of citizenship, permitting those so identified to act, and be treated in good faith, as citizens of the US.

Please, please do address the human rights violations of Mexico and the northern tier of Mexican states, that have made people fleeing from their homes such a massive problem for the United States. I still contend that the US needs to extend an offer to those northern Mexican states to leave Mexico and become American states. At the least it would reduce the length of the US southern border.

Prohibition still has lessons to teach America today. Rescinding restrictions can be more effective in reducing threats to America. At the least, rescinding restrictions removes funding for criminal enterprises.

Thank you,