Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tae: EQ - inflation, or a trap for the prudent?

On the Automatic Earth,

- Ilargi describes how "QE", quantitative easing (Bernanke printing money will he, nil he) must create massive deposits - the $2 trillion and growing available money corporations are holding onto.
In her famous lecture A Century Of Challenges, The Automatic Earth's Stoneleigh uses the following image to explain what the liquidity trap is. The Fed can keep on pumping money, but it can't make it move. If you're fearful or uncertain, you will hold on to what you got, not spend it.

Stoneleigh compares it to "running your car with the oil light on". That is to say, the liquidity trap results in an economy without sufficient lubricant (credit, money) to run in a healthy fashion.

So - QE2 might be misunderstood economics, or a case of ignorant politics over-riding good sense.

But what if this is planned? If the bankrupting of the nation is intended to create a scenario when the citizens of the US cry out "Oh, save us, Barrack Hussein Obama!" And the man, and corrupt political machine behind him, nationalize all the industry, the commerce, and private institutions, to "save" the nation B. Hussein Obama has intended to "build" since he started?

Because the stage is nearly set. The players - the Organized Labor unions, the ACORN and other socialist forces, the armed DEA and Immigration forces that have been building, the nation divided into regional districts with headquarters and bases and leaders lined up. All bank records are now open to the feds, without warrants, so that no deposits or transactions can be concealed from the Feds, if the feds ever turn to the oversight and vilification of, say, soviet Russia.

Is this another wild conspiracy theory - or is there an actual, demonstrable, anti-Constitutional plan in play?

Pres. Obama practiced nationalizing GM and Chrysler, then the banks. Does that mean that the govt is ready to start nationalizing all savings (since they cleared the way to snatch 401k principal to buy mandatory ObamaCare insurance) and money not spent? Has this been Obama's long term "hope and change", his mantra about redistributing the wealth (which necessarily means stealing from someone)?? certainly expressed one concern about this coming election, that Obama would count what outcome he wants, and disregard actual ballots cast.

Then the news came out, that SEIU, the same government service union that posted thugs to interrupt "Town Hall" meetings between Obama rivals in Congress and the people that were outraged by Obama's policies - has the exclusive contract to operate all voting equipment in Nevada. And the machines have been biased to favor Harry Reid.

Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Keep in mind, the Department of Just-Us has had to face criticism from Congress this fall - for an official, Presidential directive that forbids prosecuting any voting law violations - if the harmed voters are white.

Talk about inviting the fox into the hen house, or sending a chilling message to voters in America.

So - what is it to be? Default on the debt - or seize that pesky money prudent companies and individuals have been keeping from Obama's (deliberately damaged) economy?