Saturday, August 21, 2010

Obama - an invitation to the next world war

Arguably the single diplomatic blunder that invited conquerors to initiate two world wars - was appeasement. Tolerance of aggressive, deceitful and malicious opponents. By failing to confront aggression and hatred, the hateful - Nazi and imperialist Japan of the 1930s alike - perceived themselves in a position of overwhelming strength about to roll over inept puppets unwilling to defend themselves.

President Obama is following the "How To Create A World War" play book. Sec'y of State Clinton seems cut from the same cloth, disrespecting allies and "tolerating" avowed, stated enemies. One wonders at what point Harvard Law School failed to explain about "treason" and "grave harm to the state". I personally hold every member of the House of Representatives responsible for failing to criticize, censure, and even impeach the President - as is the obligation and responsibility of each - for any perceived excess of authority, abuse of office, or violation of law and the Constitution of the US. Such as interfering with the bankruptcy proceedings at GM. Such as failing to prosecute fully the "New Black Panther" and ACORN intimidation of voters, and fraudulent registration and voter influence practices. Etc.

Bill Whittle of PajamaMedia explains his view of the Victory Mosque the Muslims plan for Ground Zero in New York, to commemorate their heroes that drove the planes that brought down the World Trade Center.

When I enlisted in the US Navy, I was required to list a religion. At that time, Federal Law recognized any belief that did not embrace the violent (extra-legal) overthrow of the US Government. Like Islam, with its stated agenda to kill all non-believers, and destroy all that aren't Muslim. Where is B. Hussein Obama's understanding of that part of US Law?