Friday, November 30, 2012

The national debt ceiling, falling again.

Rachel Lucas wrote "Let it burn?", regarding the blanket "more of the same debt, debt, and tyranny" proposal to avoid the looming national debt ceiling confrontation -- as Obama pitches in for his next four years of unfettered whatever.

So I wrote Dr.  Coburn, US Senator, Oklahoma.
Dr. Coburn,

I have seen a synopsis of Secretary Geitner's nebulous budget proposal regarding the much anticipated deficit ceiling collapse.

Please agree to Secretary Geitner's proposal with a couple of stipulations.

 1. Immediately defund and abolish the EPA, DEA, ATF (or whatever it is called this week), the Dept of Ed, Dept of Labor, and TSA.
 2. Expire all Presidential appointments in the last 5 years that did *not* receive full Senate endorsement, and place a term limit of 8 months on all future out-of-session Presidential appointments that might, under *any* interpretation, warrant Senate review.
 3. Require the House to ratify *any* change of taxes, fees or penalties under any existing or proposed Federal regulation or law.
 4. Forbid any surveillance of anyone in the United States without a current, specific to the individual, court ordered warrant. Forbid any database of search or surveillance results not pertaining to court ordered searches and surveillance. Forbid secret "No Fly" lists or any other barrier to communication, commerce, transportation, travel or other personal liberty that is not both available for common public scrutiny and managed by publicly identified entities in a public and open fashion, similar to court sessions open to the press and the public.
 5. End the CRA, and any other program intended to redistribute the wealth. ("Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong", Calvin Coolidge). Tax bundled securities as a separate entity of wealth, at 10% of debt balance per year. The balloon of  debt not secured by tangible assets is a serious threat to national security, and must be reduced to a minor risk.
 6. No more continuing budget resolutions. Require a budget balancing expenditures next year with receipts from last year. No more borrowing it forward.

I think this would be a reasonable response to the Obama administration's requests.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Klein Bubble and me

Tam at View from the Porch found a quote that middle aged white men are set to vote against Obama, just because.

I am a white guy, though past what most consider middle age. And I am as determinedly against what President Obama wants to do now, as I was when I first heard him.

It isn't the race thing. It is the fact that he doesn't act as if he grew up in America, which he didn't. It is the fact that he had to be coached, over a significant period of time, after he gained the public's attention, to respect the American flag, and that still bothers me.

Valerie Jarret, Chicago slum lord, as Obama's personal advisor, communists on his appointees list, his unconstitutional "we cannot wait for Congress", these bother me.

Bobby Soetoro enrolled in Indonesian school as a citizen of Indonesia, and no paper trail later of Barack Hussein Obama changing his name back from what his parents gave him, or restoring his US citizenship. That bothers me.

According to verified aspects of Obama's autobiographies, he spent his college time isolated and depressed. That bothers me. An Illinois governor was convicted of selling Obama's Senate seat, yet no one wanted to investigate whether someone bought it for Obama in the first place. That bothers me. While serving in the US Senate, then-Senator Obama did not work with anyone, and no one would work with him. That bothers me, because it looks like President Obama is both ignorant of what the Constitution demands of the relationship between Congress and President, and dismissive about the limits the Constitution places on both branches of government. President Obama has certainly shown that he will not (or can not) work with Congress, and further, is incapable of getting Congress to meet it's own responsibility, such as passing a Federal budget.

This administration routinely ignored and obstructed Congressional investigations and hearings, subpoenas, and requests for information. This bothers me.

Barack Hussein Obama claims his African American heritage; I cannot see that he claims much of any of his Caucasian heritage (or knowledge of and respect for the Constitution).

Obama has moved in subtle ways to undercut gun ownership in America. He instituted a plan to shred all used brass (cartridge casings after they are fired, such as for training purposes). This directly impacted the civilian ammunition market, since there are not enough cartridge casings manufactured new each year to supply both the military and the civilian market. Civilian ammo typically uses the "fired once" casings returned by the uniformed services. Shredding the cases made them useful only as bulk brass, useful primarily to the Chinese. This motion was revised to apply only to calibers larger than 1/2 inch (.50 caliber), under pressure on and by Congress. It seems that the likely shortfall and price hike in the civilian market also threatened training budgets for police forces, and other security organizations. This  rumble through the ammunition industry was little acknowledged by the mainstream press, and it bothers the hell out of me because it wasn't the only underhanded ploy President B. Hussein Obama has pulled.

I don't much like the fact that President Obama could sit in church in front of a raving racist for twenty years, then leave that church without looking back. That doesn't speak well of his commitment to his faith. And claiming that the racist message preached regularly didn't impact him doesn't speak well of his understanding of faith, of taking home a message from his worship.

No, I have thought quite a bit about why I voted against President Obama before, and will again.

I also intend to vote against my representative, Frank Lucas, for failing to move to impeach President Obama for any of the apparent violations of the Constitution and law that seem to have happened. Congress has a solemn responsibility to check and balance the powers of the President, and I am convinced that the House of Representatives, one and all, have signally failed to perform their Constitutional duty. Not one member should win re-election, after failing so utterly in their sworn duty.