Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stimulus fever running high in Oklahoma

According to the AP, Oklahoma is late to the storm. State unemployment for August 2009 was up 2.9% since August 2008, and up .9% since July, according to the Associated Press out of Oklahoma City, OK.

It turns out the state gained some 1700 jobs in government last month. 1700 - that is a lot of stimulus money, and a lot of ongoing payroll. Now, remind me. What is it that government produces, what value does government add to the economy?

Because the state lost 1900 manufacturing and related jobs last month, and another 1100 in the service sector of the workforce.

Trading two jobs for one, while losing the ability of 3000 employees to increase value and serve the state and the nation.

Well, at least President B. Hussein Obama's union-owned car makers are doing better than they were. I sure wish Oh! Bummer had fewer political debts to pay off at the cost of the nation.

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