Saturday, November 7, 2009

I wrote my Congressman. Please vote "No" on ObamaCare

I sent the following email to my representative, Congressman Frank Lucas, today.
Congressman Lucas,

President Obama, and the Democrat Congressional leadership, cannot - *cannot* - overhaul health care or health care insurance, until they *own* health care and health care insurance.

Please oppose all attempts to involve the US government in industry, in health care, in private lives, and in retail and other small business. Government is already too intrusive. Individual rights, including property rights are being trampled. President Obama uses the power of the Executive Office to intrude into the relationship between employer and employee - at every level.

If we were to suppose that the unholy alliance of big government and big union bosses were not corrupt today - this sets the stage for wholesale, rampant corruption tomorrow.

The price of freedom is vigilance. Please oppose all actions of President Obama and the Democrat Congressional leadership to hamper, to obscure, and to denigrate vigilance on the part of each and every US citizen.

Please return the United States to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people - and not a fascist regime of big government, big unions, and powerful (often corrupt) big money interests.

Please, as a first step, show President Obama just how angry his proposals have made so very many Americans.

Please oppose President Obama and the Democrat Congressional Leadership's version of health care seizure or reform, or whatever it should be called. Vote *NO* on ObamaCare.

Instead, support and defend the Constitution - the same Constitution that President Obama swore to serve. I am appalled that President B. Hussein Obama considers his oath of office a mere campaign comment, rather that the basis, and limitation, of the power and duties of the office of President of the United States. Please help remind the President that his duties come before his whims and dreams and wild-eyed social engineering schemes.

Thank you,

Brad Kuse
Ponca City, OK

Have you weighed in, yet, on ObamaCare?

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