Thursday, March 11, 2010

A cruel snipe at global warming

Ann Coulter takes umbrage at Human Events, at Vice President Cheney's request for a list of lawyers at the US Department of Justice that have defended detainees at the terrorist camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

One snipe at the ethics of lawyers in general takes an environmental swerve.
Defending terrorists gives status-conscious attorneys a chance to get standing ovations at the annual ABA convention -- much like promoting "global warming" makes climatologists feel like they're saving the world, rather than studying water vapor.

As Larry the Cable Guy would say, "That's funny, I don't care who you are." At least, I found the slighting of climatologists so distorted, so absurdly trivializing, that regardless of what is happening - or not - with climate change, this is high comedy.

I think Ms. Coulter's hilarity aside, though, that there is still room for honest doubt about climate, climate science, and the politics of climate science. And about global warming. "Neither a denier nor a warmer be, for a denier will be called psychotic, and a warmer wants to tax you to offset carbon in the air." Or something.

The UN, and the US Government, have known about racial cleansing, corruption, and repeated massacres in Africa. They have known about civil rights violations in South America, drug cartels and terror activities around the world, immense poverty around the world - so, why is it now that I believe the UN, with it's history of corruption, and the US, with it's history of politics overcoming truth, that they know anything useful about the environment?

Hint: I learned that "We are from the government, and we're here to help" is but one of a list of three biggest lies in life.

But Ann Coulter did have one snide and funny snipe.

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  1. Hey Brad, I thought your reply to JMG was excellent, esp. the emphasis on "materialism flows from ambition." That is a key point IMO and needs to be made very clear, as we seek the solution to the problem of power.

    Are you the same Brad K. on Sharon Astyk's blog?