Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FBI -- Law enforcement, or national security -- are they confused?

Billll's Idle Mind reminds us that government is in the business to be in business. Expanding budgets are the mark of an ambitious bureaucrat and hungry politician. So I wrote Senator Dr. Coburn of Oklahoma.

There is a trope circulating around the internet, concerning the morphing of the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It seems that the mission of the FBI has changed from investigating violations of the law, to "national security".

This seems wrong, and deflects resources needed to solve crimes, into activities that might or might not bear fruit, and certainly intrude into the lives of law abiding citizens because of the *possibility* that one or more might not be law abiding, or might intend to break the law.

This confusion of mission must be curbed. America still needs an FBI that is intent on, and focused on, acts of criminals. An FBI perceived as invasive and that self-defines it's roles, interpreting ad hoc what national security means at the time, not just dilutes that roll of law enforcement -- it perverts it.

Please, act to curb the perversion of creeping missions in this, and any, administration.

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