Monday, August 24, 2009

Brain drain a'coming

So, lets assume that the wreck is on it's way, that ObamaCare is coming in some way, shape, or form.

How does the President hire enough paper pushers to fill all the offices that haven't been built yet?

Where do all the people come that will pursue a career in government service - and be unavailable to participate in the national economy?

One estimate has that 45 million, plus or minus, are uninsured. That ObamaCare disrupts everyone's health insurance while leaving 35 million still uninsured.

Are those 35 million uninsured to be drafted, to work civil service jobs and thus fall under civil service health insurance?

Remember, the government claims that unemployment is what, 9 or 10%? That is, not counting the additional 10% that aren't collecting unemployment because there aren't any jobs, but Washington, DC didn't like the numbers so they stopped counting them.

Unemployed and underemployed people are a problem for the economy - but they are also a vast and rich resource. Many are people that have educated and skilled backgrounds. As the economy improves, hiring should increase - will there be any left, after staffing Big Government, that will be ready to hire, ready to produce products and wealth that will feed families and pay taxes?

Will the managers and specialists needed to run the government's health care plan, by their absence, cripple companies wanting to increase production, to provide new services, to meet increased regulations?

Or is B. Hussein Obama planning to pull a gangster style packing operation, putting all his patronage chips in the hopper, putting all his cronies and ACORN and illegals and others into slots they aren't - and won't be for years - qualified to fill?

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