Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama's lustre fades

Lissa at Looking For Lissa ponders, I wonder what moderate Obama supporters think now?

Lissa then lists a few errors B. Hussein Obama has made, some campaign stands ignored, and broken promises. And wonders how those that supported Obama because his campaign made sense to them feel now.

Bill of Billlls Idle Mind has been watching this turnaround, the way the national average consensus has shifted.

For instance, the car window written "You don't see Obama Stickers on cars driving to work" - one very bitter sentiment.

Bill notes that although the recent jobless rate is reported as "encouraging", in June the Labor Department dropped some 796,000 jobless from the reported number, as being "discouraged". This made the July jobless rate look better - but doesn't reflect the way the number of jobless continue to shrink the ability of America to produce, or the increased burden they represent to America.

Back about July 9, I saw a chart that showed the proportion of people strongly supporting B. Hussein Obama had fallen below those that strongly opposed him by 8 points - reversing the sway supporters had held until shortly after June 6, 2009.

That trend continued, now about -7 (support minus oppose percentage)

Note on the chart, that this measures the intensity of the support and opposition - letting the intensity of support dwindle is more important than general support numbers.

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