Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forced choices

Billll (Billll's Idle Mind) opposes government-mandated abortion services that offend religious teachings.

An example might be to counter someones argument in favor of abortion, for example, by asking if there should be any limits to it at all. The first trimester? The third? How about the 45th, . .

How about letting the historical Church rule apply, the one that says a person becomes a person with Confirmation (about the age of puberty, and demonstration of learning Church dogma)?

Or we could use the version of this that was incorporated in the original limits to compulsory education, "completion of the eighth grade, or age 16, whichever comes first".

I could accept a compromise. Let women and their families that believe in God, or at least understand their place in family and community, choose otherwise. A first trimester rule makes sense to me. The scary part is where the government gets involved gets into pressure and legally forced application.

The opposite to "abortion", is too often "botched, illegal abortion", "suicide", and "criminal and/or poverty way of life for mother and/or child". Or "destruction of community and family ties and dreams of a good family life". Or "descent into life under public welfare".

If churches, businesses, schools, or cigar clubs open their doors to non-member workers and non-member customers, they are a public business, and have to accept the whole public, and meet all public employer and public business and school requirements.

The devout bus driver, or devout owner of the bus company, cannot pick and choose who rides the bus, or pick and choose which laws offend her/his faith.

It takes building the family, understanding that people raised in a good home should expect to make a good home and raise their children. It takes teaching our children they should *expect* and *be eager* to "become their parents". And that sex isn't just frolicking around like Hollywood or to satisfy cosmetic, fashion, and advertising hype -- it means that *first* to choose your life-long partner and co-parent. And avoid *learning* frolicking with lots of people because that learned skill is destructive of the happy home. I don't mean "abstain because it is healthy". I mean "choosing the wrong partners makes you less able to make a good family." And, especially, "choosing the slick, accomplished bed partner will never result in a good home for you and your family."

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