Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wow. Is it history, coincidence, or neighborhood security?

The NY Times carries an article, "Fugitive Slave Mentality", about the Zimmerman/Martin killing in Florida.

I have to wonder -- does this in-depth analysis of the deep-seated racial bias of Zimmerman and the local police chief take into account how abysmal America is at studying history?

The piece quotes a 1793 Fugitive Slave Act, and a court case from 1844 regarding those interfering in recapture of slaves escaped from Kentucky to Michigan. The judge instructed the jury that those interfering broke the law because they failed to take the slave catcher at his word. The parallel the NT Times author draws is the comment by the police chief that he took Zimmerman's claim of self defense -- supposedly at Zimmerman's word. this despite three witnesses that have come forward to confirm Zimmerman was down and getting his clock cleaned by Martin, and the obvious injuries from a beating that Zimmerman bore. It seems to me there was more there than simple "take the white (or Hispanic) man's side" mentality.

I mean, what is the chance that the police chief in Florida is a student of slave laws, and court proceedings (and judge's instructions to juries) from Michigan?

On the other hand, the opinion piece by ROBERT GOODING-WILLIAMS doesn't actually mention why the neighborhood where Zimmerman took part in the neighborhood watch program set up the neighborhood program, why Mr. Zimmerman was part of the watch program and outside, keeping a watch on his neighbor's property and families. Mr. Gooding-Williams doesn't discuss what cultural profile Mr. Martin might have resembled -- law abiding, family guy, pursuing legitimate business -- in someone else's neighborhood. At a time that the neighborhood has taken to actively and publicly keeping a watch for untoward activities and persons. I mean, one account places the incident, and Mr. Zimmerman, in a gated community. How come none of the accounts mention that Mr. Martin was near his home, or why he was in a restricted access community?

What few have claimed, yet, is how this incident fits with President Obama's Federal Hate Crimes law, passed weeks after being sworn into office. This is the bill that officially defines a "protected" class of citizen. That is, no white and heterosexual person in America can be the victim of a Federal Hate Crime. By law. Only other races and gender proclivities.

For my money, except for President Obama's law, it appears to me that Mr. Zimmerman is the victim of racial hatred, expressed and exploited in mainstream media by hate-mongering "leaders" and "activists". And that impedes finding justice for Trayvon Martin as well as for George Zimmerman. Because the last thing the racial bigots care about is justice. They make their money, their social status, and get their axes ground by exploiting the hate of others.

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