Thursday, September 20, 2012

This snake, named Obama

The New York Times describes the "snake-bit" campaign of Governor Mitt Romney, running against President B. Hussein Obama for the upcoming Presidential election.

There is a pattern here.

Obama opponents have typically been discredited, pressured, and generally ambushed and "snake bit" all through B. Hussein's career.

B. Hussein, our President, has no ethics or morals, and was raised in the subversive lore of Marxism, from the time his parents moved to place him in a school with openly Communist teachings, to his Islamic schooling in (Indonesia?), the infamous enrollment card for Bobby Soetoro.

Meaning that this election, for me, is once again not about a Black President who, contrary to the spirit of the Constitution, was not raised in America, and is as Caucasian in  ancestry as he is in African heritage. This is about the rule of law, about ethics and morals, and about whether rule by rich oligarchs disguised as mob rule should prevail.

I don't agree with George Carlin's solution, to stay home because it doesn't matter. I think there are larger issues at stake. Not only is Obama operating outside the rule of law, and beyond the constraints of the US Constitution and his oath of office, but he surrounds himself with those that hate America, hate democracy, and disrespect the Constitution.

Every person that ever wore uniform in America's service, their descendents, their neighbors, should be appalled by and opposed to B. Hussein Obama.

And so should the New York Times.

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