Monday, October 8, 2012

If I could recommend some things to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, on Foreign policy.

First step is to re-evaluate every foreign relationship, to repair the damage to America's interests in a stable, healthy world, and to establish where America's best interests lie.

Just as the mere stance and determination of President Reagan established a new dynamic after the appeasements of the Carter administration, President Obama's appeasement and one-world-order surrender of American will to other nations stands ready to be redefined -- and desperately needs to be redefined.

America's foreign interests should include freedom for Americans and American business to conduct their affairs in relative security, that America should be capable of responding effectively to threats against our nation, our citizens, and our military (in that order). Foreign aid works like welfare, it makes nations and citizens dependent on the priorities and direction of the government. Within reason, this can be a powerful social and diplomatic tool.

Energy independence of the US will be useless, as long as we depend on stable fuel access to international transport and manufacturers. Use of energy overall has to be brought down, we must localize our lives. The energy answer is less about gas mileage, than about living within walking distance (bicycles) of work, shopping, food, and modest amenities like furniture, clothes production, etc. High speed rail and solar cells to empower investors today won't answer as the foundations of our artificially energy-dependent lifestyles continue to erode. Building out to a local model can be done less painfully, if pursued on a global scale while we still have the transcontinental networks and relationships in place; now is the time.

Thank you.

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