Friday, June 19, 2009

Californians address money problem: Stop earning money.

According to an article on the AHF to L.A. County: Shut Down Porn Sets.

Last week, the Los Angeles Times reported that an actress working in the business — a mainstay of the San Fernando Valley economy — tested HIV positive at the industry-affiliated Adult Industry Medical Foundation’s (AIM) testing clinic in early June. The paper subsequently reported that as many as 16 actors and actresses in the adult entertainment industry had tested positive for HIV since 2004; however, on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported that County public health officials backtracked away from those claims, noting that while 16 individuals had indeed tested positive at AIM’s testing clinic, they could not confirm that any of those individuals were currently employed as performers in the industry.

Wow. 16 people tested positive in 5 years. An outbreak. Oops - and 15 of those may or may not have been involved in adult films. In California. One assumes that most of them were sexually active, and didn't catch HIV from flatulence. Oh, my.

So, obviously the headline-grabbing, career-making move is for do-gooders to . . . shut down an influx to California of billions of dollars. Let's see, at 12% (my guess) tax rate, that would be - hundreds of millions of tax revenue. That would be enough to, I don't know, put a couple of state and county workers out of a job? Cause a benefit program or two to cut back? Shut down a school?

Seems like the right trade-off. While the adult industry, for their own reasons, have a stellar record of managing STD risk, including HIV/AIDS, California seems hell-bent on forbidding business of any sort to thrive.

Not to lump raising livestock and adult videos into the same lump, but they sure seem to have the same caliber of enemy.

And this is *not* a California problem. California has been driving it's citizens out into the rest of the nation for decades, with it's combination of punitive taxes and punitive business policies. And those ex-patriots taint their adoptive homes with demands for California-style spending.

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