Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cap and Tax passed the House - and the funeral effect

OK, so the smokescreen that raises taxes on industry (i.e. costs jobs, impairs business, raises prices on goods made and services, too) got passed in the House.

Does this mean change for the funeral industry?

I mean, making and transporting steel or plastic coffins takes lots of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport coffins and vaults. So, is this the end of using vaults and coffins to bury the Dearly Departed - are we back to wrapping in an old blanket, and waiting for the dirt to settle later before leveling off the dirt?

Does this mean the end of cremation? Cremation takes tremendous energy to consume a human body. And that release how many pounds (hundreds of pounds, in some cases!) of carbon into the atmosphere!

So, should we do what has worked for hundreds of years for some cultures, put up a rack about head high in some place you don't normally frequent, and let the body . . . umm, dry out? Weather, cure? What do you call it as the gooey stuff feeds flies and birds, and the bones weather to dust and fragments? But at least, the carbon stays un-aired. Sort of.

Will we have to combine industries? Use jet engines, supertanker engines, and utility power plants for dual use - generate steam, generate hot water and pipe them to houses and business campuses, as well as use for body cremation? No, no, that is solving the wrong problem. Burning bodies - human and animal - turns organic matter to airborne carbon dioxide - that increases the taxes, as well as offending the "sequester the carbon" tree huggers.

Well, I guess it looks like blankets, then. Maybe this will be a good way to handle old nylon and polyester blankets, bury them for good.

Everyone does know, right, that this is a pure tax bill, and can have no effect on amount of carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere? That B. Hussein Obama's stated intention to "redistribute" wealth - crush and destroy people with money that he hasn't take yet - is right on track to get where he wants to go? That the Thug from Chicago is completely uninterested in preserving America, the Constitution, freedom, or the economy?

Just remember that, when you need to arrange funeral services. Or fuel your car, or apply for a new job or unemployment insurance.

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