Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Barry don't care if Iran spills over onto the US

Ann Coulter dissects B. Hussein Obama's poseur representations about the recent election in Iran and the resulting protests - Obama to Iran: Let Them Eat Ice Cream.

Two things pop out at me.
1) The reference to the tragic death of protester Neda Agha Soltan. Video and pictures of her body have swept the Internet.

2) Ms. Coulter disparages both the US President and the French President with a back-handed reference, "You might be a scaredy-cat if ... the president of France is talking tougher than you are."

First, the death of a girl storming a barricade during a revolution has become a symbol of America. What we call the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States - from the same France that Ann Coulter now disparages for their fall in WWII. The real life "liberty" figure was a young woman, carrying a torch of the period, protesting and attacking the then-government of France in the French Revolution (1789–1799).

I can see where President Barack Hussein Obama would prefer to have this particular symbol - a young woman protesting a decadent and corrupt government - become a rallying cry. It had a marked effect on the French of the day, and symbolizes freedom from the tyranny that some of Obama's plans and programs verge on today. President B. Hussein Obama does not want Americans to be thinking in terms of rebellion or illegitimate government.

And that leads to the second point that stands out for me in Ann's excellent article. That is, she disparages letting the French president sound more forceful that our own Barry-baby.

See, the French, like the UK, are dealing with a vast influx of Muslims and Islamic influences, including regions falling under Sharia (Muslim) law rather than national or local law. The French have a vested interest in siding with Muslim moderates of any stripe. The Muslim influence has been growing in Europe and has been even more disruptive than Californias fleeing to other states - and wreaking California-style legislative and social mischief "just like back home." In 1990, Coloradans called the California-refugee problem, "Californication."

On the other hand, we have President B. Hussein Obama that left his church of 20 years when it didn't further his career anymore. This same Barack Hussein Obama that was schooled, initially, in hard-core Muslim schools overseas by his Muslim father. This same Oh! Bummer! that doesn't mind a growing Muslim influence at all, since he has no Christian background to feel threatened over.

So of course President Obama sounds less militant or concerned that France does - he isn't worried about what might happen - it seems win-win to him.

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  1. I notice the French are becoming more aware of the Islamic problem there. This furor over the Burqua is just the latest in a series of measure the French have taken to preserve their cultural identity. I wish we had the stones to do the same thing, but our sell out pimps up in D.C. are going to have us as emasculated as the British before long.