Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PM: Barack Hussen Obama - a Secret Agenda?

Nathan at One Man's Vote highlights a letter that has been floating about the blogosphere, an open letter to President Barack Hussein Obama.
Mr. Pritchett, according to Snopes, is a former vice president of Proctor & Gamble. is a respected online authority that chronicles and reports authenticity of myths, urban legends - and questionable statements.

The letter runs down a startling list of actions and background influences in the Obama administration that just don't add up. You could not make a better background for an Al-Queda, organized crime, or Muslim puppet intent on weakening or destroying the US.

Barack Hussein Obama is so darned smart - he tells us so, often - but keeps repeating egregious errors. Chris Muir's comic strip refers to the insanity of the "stimulous" package demonstrated at as well as elsewhere.

Are Pelosi and Reid unwitting dupes in a move deliberately designed to cripple the US' ability to respond to threats, to drain the economy to ruin, and to disable America? Because it sure looks like that is the President's agenda.

Treason or stupid - I don't see much of any other explanation for President Barack Hussein Obama's inadequacy.

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